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The Museum Complex


The Sharon Historical Museum Complex is maintained and operated by the Sharon Historical Society.  It consists of the Museum, Chestnut Street Schoolhouse, outhouse, barn, and an exhibit of tombstones.  The land, museum building, and barn were given to the Village of Sharon Springs by Miss Esther Stricht in memory of her family who resided here for many years.  The museum building was originally a novelty shop with some living quarters.  The Museum features items of local interest, many artifacts are related to the mineral baths and early hotels.  Three rooms are furnished in the style of the early 1900s.


The Chestnut Street Schoolhouse


The one-room schoolhouse, commonly known as the Chestnut Street School was built prior to 1854.  It was located just off Chestnut Street approximately three miles west of Sharon Springs.  The school remained in operation until the 1930s when the district joined the Sharon Springs Central District.  In 1975 ownership of the building was transferred from the Central School District to the Village of Sharon Springs with the intent that it be moved to the Museum grounds as a historical exhibit.


The Sharon Historical Society assumed responsibility for the schoolhouse and in the fall of 1989 moved it and the outhouse to the museum property.  Most of the furnishings were in place at the time of its closing and are typical of one-room schools of the early 1900s.


The outhouse is unique in design: there are separate facilities for boys and girls with a coal/woodshed in between.  After undergoing extensive restoration, the school and outhouse are now open to the public.


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