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Our Future

We haven’t lost our industry like so many communities throughout New York State, because ironically we didn’t have the industry, to begin with.  There was silk milk in Argusville in the 1800s, but that was short-lived.  Today, AMT Castings, NLT Enterprises, Walmart Distribution Center, along with farmers and ancillary businesses are the commercial trade in our community.  Quite frankly, it’s really what we want—tourists who visit, farmers who farm, light industry and all the weavers, opera singers, sculptors, historic wallpaper makers, woodworkers, authors, photographers, Broadway players, and talented volunteers who make up this diverse, blended society.  People come here for beautiful scenery, the quiet countryside, birding, snowmobiling, fine places to eat, and shopping for that special gift.

The Town of Sharon is now home to the famous Beekman Boys and their goats.  They have literally put Sharon Springs back on the map.  Visitors come here and see our way of life and want it for themselves.  Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Dr. Brent Ridge’s TV Show The Fabulous Beekman Boys and their popularity from winning The Amazing Race have brought many an inquisitive person to check out our style of living.  Local realtors felt a boom after the TV program aired a few years ago showcasing Beekman Farm and Farmer John, beautiful flower gardens, and heirloom vegetables.  People loved the rural life they saw on TV and wanted it for themselves.  Who wouldn’t want to get up each morning and see the sunrise over the mountains, quiet—just good, clean living?  It’s invigorating to trade in the hustle and bustle of city life for the soothing sounds of the country: birds singing, cattle mooing, roosters crowing, and hear an occasional distant farm tractor.  Quite honestly, it is simply a very pleasant place to live.

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The spa properties are currently under re-development and renovation.  The next few years will determine the success of that venture.

People come here and want to be honorary citizens because they love the uniqueness of the area.  Other wannabes are those who do live here and want to be embraced as natives.  We just chuckle to ourselves because those of us who live here know that one can’t become an adopted native.  To be a native you must have lived here a minimum of three generations and be able to trace your roots almost back to the 1700s.  Actually, these imaginary by-laws may have to be changed and the rules relaxed a bit.

Our goal is to preserve the architecture by giving new uses to the remaining buildings and to keep the history alive.  Festivals held throughout the year bring in thousands of visitors over a weekend and it’s great.  It’s almost like the good ‘ole days.

You can call us the Town of Sharon, the Village of Sharon Springs, the northernmost town in Schoharie County, Spa Town, or Mountain Spa.  We don’t care.  It’s the mineral waters and architecture which makes us who we are—totally distinctive and unique—and yet somewhat out of place.  It’s been said we are in the middle of nowhere but half-way to everywhere.  We say this community is one of the best-kept secrets in New York.

 From an article entitled, "Sharon - In a Class By Itself in Schoharie County" by Sandra Manko which was recently printed in the 2021 Sharon Historical Society Newsletter.

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