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A detailed look at the last large hotel built in the historic

Village of Sharon Springs, NY.

About this Event

Sharon Historical Society’s President Ron Ketelsen takes you on a virtual tour of the now-abandoned Adler Hotel in the small historic village of Sharon Springs, New York. This was the last of the large hotels built in the mineral resort spa town. The hotel was constructed in 1927 with 150 rooms and was over five stories high. It operated from 1929 until 2004. The hotel was initially marketed to Jewish clientele who liked to visit Sharon Springs in its summer months. It had 2 kitchens, one of which was kosher. It was built in the Spanish Colonial Revival style which was popular at the time.

Due to the decline in popularity of the mineral water spa treatments, the popular resort town, which once boasted a population of near 10,000 people during the summer months, fell into a deep decline. As a result, most of the hotels and boarding houses also fell on hard times, were abandoned, and fell into a state of deterioration. The Adler Hotel was the last of the large hotels in Sharon Springs to stay in operation before falling victim to desertion, deterioration, and vandalism.

Ron will share home movies of the Adler Hotel from the late 1920s and 1930s as well as interviews with former employees of the Adler Hotel when it was in its heyday. Ron will also take you on a tour inside the hotel in its present state, the target of much destruction and graffiti.

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