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Preserving and Sharing Your Photographs and Family Heirlooms

About this Event

We all know how important it is to record and save your family history - both for future generations and for your community! But sorting through boxes of photographs and heirlooms can be a daunting task. In this presentation, you'll get a roadmap for tackling a family history preservation project, delve briefly into the science behind "archival" storage, and learn some museum standards that you can apply at home for safely storing photographs, documents, textiles, and other common heirlooms.

Kate Jacus is a trained museum collections professional, and is the founder of The Photo Curator, a business helping families preserve and share their photographs and heirlooms. She also is the Marketing Coordinator for Archival Methods, a Rochester, NY-based manufacturer of archival storage products.

Feedback From previous attendees:

  • “The webinar met my expectations and more. I feel confident that I can start to archive my heirlooms on my own. I am very glad to understand the standard of archival products and what to look for. — Rochester Brainery Class Attendee

  • “Best webinar I have ever attended!! The hands-on presentation was so valuable. — APPO National Conference Attendee

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