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Find A Need and Fill It - The Life of

George Westinghouse


by Lodema DeBois Jenkins

About this Event

It was the Industrial Revolution as we transitioned from farm to factory. The engine was replacing the horse. It was the perfect time for George Westinghouse, a man of intense focus, amazing mechanical vision, and aggressive money management.

He was a Schoharie County boy who made good.

We all have heard of the AC/DC War of the Currents and George’s victory over Edison who gave us the ever-present alternating current. Actually, he did much more than that. We’ll take a look at those other inventions and accomplishments and at him as a private, compassionate, quiet individual who loved his wife unconditionally and treated his employees fairly.
He left no paper trail: no records of interviews, speeches, internal memos or personal letters. Hardly anything survives. Consciously or unconsciously, he pretty much scuttled any attempt to produce a readable or interesting biography, quite necessary to keep his reputation alive and in the public mind. Consequently, he has slipped into the footnotes of history despite his contributions that affect us daily.

Hopefully, we can gain a renewed awareness of the man and form a new appreciation for him and for what he did for us.

This program was presented by Lodema DuBois Jenkins.

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