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The impact the Jewish population had on the tiny

Village of Sharon Springs, NY.

About this Event


Join Henry Heinbach and Richard Brustman, whose family owned a Jewish rooming house (the Brustman House) in Sharon Springs, NY on Monday, September 13th at 7 PM as they tell what life was like in the tiny village of Sharon Springs, NY during the 1940s through 1970s when it was populated by a large Jewish population.

Jewish visitors began coming to Sharon Springs, first by the hundreds in the late nineteenth century, and eventually by the thousands in the twentieth century. The streets of Sharon Springs were alive with pedestrians, many of whom were wearing long black coats, broad-brimmed hats, beards, and earlocks that are the marks of the Hasidic Jews. Others would be seen on the front porches of the opened boarding houses, talking, reading, and praying.

Listen as the owners of a Jewish rooming house explore the visitation trends among Jews to Sharon Springs along with the development of new hotels and boarding houses to support this diverse population. They will tell what life was like in growing up in a Jewish family boarding house in the unique resort village of Sharon Springs, NY.

Through interviews, ephemera, and photographs, Henry and Richard will discuss the changing cultural and physical landscape of Sharon Springs that resulted from the interaction of residents and guests.

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