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Presented on January 11, 2021

So, you want to find out about your family history? Maybe you want to learn the identity of your ancestors, find out where they lived and what they did for a living? Or maybe your family lore includes stories of a Mayflower immigrant? Perhaps you’ve heard that your ancestor fought in the Revolutionary War or the Civil War? Or you may have medical concerns and wish to find out about your family’s medical legacy. Curiosity, lineage, and medical history are all common reasons to take up the growing hobby of genealogy.

This webinar will cover:
Bonnie C. Dailey, a well-known lecturer on genealogy, tells the uninitiated researcher the steps needed to find out who their ancestors really were and brings together for even the more experienced genealogical researchers the important principles and practices. She covers such topics as the importance of staying organized and how to go about it; where and how to look for information in libraries, historical societies, and on the internet; recognizing that just because something is in print doesn't mean it's right; and how to prepare to visit the home where your ancestors lived.

Genealogy 101:  What would you like to accomplish? Do you have a family mystery or a royal ancestor?  Do you want to capture your grandparents' stories before they're gone? Where Should You Start?  Common Mistakes to Avoid.  Keeping Records.  Keeping Focused.  Making a Strategic Plan.  Finding records on-line.  Whether to take a DNA Test (pros & cons).  Assess your progress.  Share your story.  Enjoy the Journey!

About the presenter:
Bonnie C. Dailey grew up in Jefferson, NY, in Schoharie County, during the 1950s and early 1960s.  She became an attorney, working for over 34 years as a securities attorney for law firms, corporations, and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
While deeply involved in her professional career, she found time to indulge her personal passion for genealogy, history, and museums.  She began doing oral history interviews of elderly relatives and friends in the early 1990s, about the time she first started researching her own family history.  She served as Secretary of the Orange County California Genealogical Society in the early '90s. (OCCGS is one of the largest genealogy societies in the country.) Bonnie was a docent at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History for 17 years, ending as Chair of the Docent Council in 2018.  After she retired from the law, she began volunteering at the Old Stone Fort in Schoharie, NY.  At the Old Stone Fort, she responds to genealogical research requests, assists with developing exhibits for the museum, and gives talks on genealogy.

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